Reviews for "FF7: About Random Battles"

This has been one my favorite flashes growing up. but now that I'm an adult, I realize that status inducing spells are your best friend in a boss fight

This video came out 7 years after FF7, and yet it was still massive. Just goes to show how much FF7, Newgrounds, and Legendary Frog mattered back then, man. Such memories. I grew up on these videos.

My first playthrough, I had Yuffie and Cait Sith as my party members. I actually like them :(

Still funny, though.

i love game give five sars and bie bie

Yep, this one's a classic! I have to admit it's great to see Tifa. She's still really hot... The funniest bit was probably the joke at the end with Aeris and the phoenix downs. Then again, the most memorable might be the one about why these animals have gil. I don't understand the game.

Don't worry, I've seen the other scenes elsewhere. It's great to see a "Final Fantasy VII" spoof. It's been so long since we've made those. The voice is really funny. It's great to get a good look at the series as a whole. I have yet to play any of these games.