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Reviews for "NG Deathmatch 1(2/2)"


What Randy died?!...OMFG!!!..hehehe Starwberry got in trouble..


it would be ok putting a choose yur winner part but.. ummm it was cool hehe :)

Er....Who won?

Read my title, i wanna know that to.......or was it a draw?

Review (2/2)

Umm… well I already reveiwed part one, and I would just like to tell you that that part at the end was very funny! I wanted to add that the frame rate seemed kin of low, though I would guess this was a sacrifice made to lower the file size, and the lack of music was slightly annoying. Otherwise, great, and I feel like this was something worthwile to watch.

I Love You Guys (In A Brotherly Way)

Lol...this is a review for this and everything you guys have done...you've given me and my girlfriend so many good laughs and what not, you're practically family to us lol. You guys rock, you motivated me to get interested in Clay Animations and I've been shooting some Parodies in World of Warcraft of various movies...currently working, surprisingly, on a Star Wars movie. Anyway, that's completely unrelated. You guys are the bomb, the shizznit, <insert additional compliments here>. <3