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Reviews for "NG Deathmatch 1(2/2)"


I am glad too see that you came out w/part two so fast! I guess that's what users' want too see and look forward too. That doesn't mean rush through your work though. But as long as it is good and this made me laugh just as much as the first!

This gave me wood

Wow, this was friggin fantastic. I hope to God you keep coming out with these because this was some of the best claymation I've seen on NG. Both parts better make the front page, because it deserves it. <3


Sweet, this was pure awesome...too bad there was no winner though :(... keep it up!


Once again you've continued to amuse me. And the other guy is right, strawberry clock is as close to a popcorn fart as he can get. Other than that, great MK references, and keep up the good work.

The king of the portal...

...is not strawberry clock :P It's definately KERRIGAN!!!!! Hehehe.

Nice fight. I loved the SSB, SMB and Mortal Kombat spoofs (besides the other spoof I didn't recognize, the one of the shuriken attack). Synj should have used the Alien Hominid gun! Overall it's a great claymation, I can see it took you a lot of work to do this. I'll be waiting for more fights between popular authors! Keep up the great work.

Knox responds:

i hate kerrigan ;)