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Reviews for "NG Deathmatch 1(2/2)"


Sweet ass claymation if i've ever seen it, i'd say to anyone give this a 5, it deserves protection.

*Dies Laughing*

Man that sucks, both of them died. Who the hell is going to clean up that mess? Oh well, anyway kick ass job again Konx.


just saweet! who needs mtv if you have this!

I really enjoied watching that!!

I really like this gathering of popular NG users to come up with one great hillarious kicks ass movie that would get such a great score!
keep up!

Knox responds:

but in this,they die! hehehehe

this was amazing...

i am speechless... the models used in this are so incredibly detailed compared to all your other flashes. you really have a talent for this stuff.
i can't wait for the next one!!:D