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Reviews for "NG Deathmatch 1(2/2)"

that was gangsta

clock voices are kind of hard to understand sometime


GREAT JOB KNOX! i loved it i was a nig fan of CBN back in the day on mtv and this is even better because its real people not some plastic surgery bling bling i do it all for the money stars. i love your work knox

the best ive seen since a while

awesome flash. you should get your title back as king of the portal for this. i wonder how bad you are gonna kill foamy since we all know you hate him more than almost anything. foamy and legendary frog which will probably be your favorite one to do. o and if you check lf's profile you are one of his favorites which is kindof weird

Knox responds:

i know,oh well ;)

soo gory...gotta luv it ! =P

it were soooo gory!!!! sry it says in comments not 2 give spoiler reviews so i cant say muh fav part but i liked the oldskool weap fite lol u da man knox

Knox, I want you to know...

...I respect you and you did such a huge progress ! Then I saw that in the Portal, I said "4.37/5.00 ??? No way ! It's overated !" But after I saw it... WOW... It looked very similar to MTV Celebs Deathmatch (the main reason that you were working alone on your movie and on MTV project - nearly 20 claymators). The main problem was - sound. I missed the crowd sounds (I have nearly 30 sounds of negative, positive, laughing and other crowd sounds on my PC - just ask). so, now you have 54 awards. Lemme guess now, I think you gonna have 59 awards after week (two Daily features, two places in Weekly Top 5 and Review pick :) And you're just a little bit more than one year in NG ! Keep it up, buddy ! This project will bring success !
P.S. Next match - Knox vs Legendary Frog. You just don't like him, do you ? ;)

Knox responds:

ooo there will be some supprised here and there...