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Reviews for "NG Deathmatch 1(2/2)"


... nothing I could possible say would be able to express my admiration and rapture of seeing this, so I won't even try.
Except for one little thing: that was perfect.

Once again you rocked it.

That was infinitely gangster.

One thing though,when the characters aren't saying anything, you should have the audience cheering all loud and being noisy like at a real wrestling match.
You know what I mean,just background noise like at wrestlemania or a Tyson fight.

Can't wait for the next one

I'm not a big fan of Neurotically yours, but HARRY AND BEEBO? YEAH!
Harry: Beebo, why are you smoking during the match? This is a fight to the death. You're pretty much letting them win!
Foamy: Germaine, why are you sleeping? WAKE THE FUCK UP! I wanna kill these people! DEATH FIRE DESTRUCTION! YEAH!
Germaine: uhh 5 more minutes!

Great conclusion!

I love how it ended.

awesome flash..uve probably outdone ur self

knox, this is one of the best claymations ive seen. this is as good as ur klay world animations. i luv this, keep up the awesome work.