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Reviews for "NG Deathmatch 1(2/2)"

Lol that was great

Kind of disturbing but it was great. Some one needs to get hit by a chair. Anyways it was cool.

Reviewer Deathmatch!

Hey that's not a bad idea. Have like reviewers in the audience fight over which one they think is going to win or how they feel about the movie. It was disappointing seeing Randy lose. Hey Knox where were you? Strawberry Clock turned the Newgrounds Deathmatch into a complete well deathmatch. Hopefully you'll be the refree next time. I can't wait to see Foamy and Germaine made into clay characters. That will be so freaking cool. I love those Foamy flash movies and I see him as a real good fighting like when he kills people with his acorns of doom and Germaine is a goth girl that like talks about killing and stuff so she'll most likely be doing most of the killing. I just can't wait for the next one. Hurry up with it Knox! Jeesh you're slow! Keep up the Clay Carnage and Bloodfest!


thats so funny i love strawberry clockhes the best character hes like cool and stuff.


even better than the first 1. it dosent matter but i saw that you spelled characters wrong at the loading screen

thats was great!!! jus like the other one

great stuff!!! not quite as good as the other one, but i loved the violence in this, man that is crazy, ppl stickin other ppls heads with their spine still attached thro otha ppl, hilarious,, dont really get the end but still, lookin for more to come , great stuff!!! 5/5