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Reviews for "NG Deathmatch 1(2/2)"

almost flawless!!

Knox's your claymation is really starting to take some shape, they look AMAZING! And whoever did the special fx, good job too! As a matter of fact, props to ALL who're involved in this 2-part masterpiece! "Just sling it over your shoulders" (LOL!!)

Alright, I think I speak for everyone when I say I can't wait for Germaine + Foamy vs. Harry + Beebo, that would be hilarious. I picture foamy gets eaten by beebo, and Harry tries to rape Germaine but she shoves a studded dildo up his ass. Can't wait!!!


I wanted Randy to win... instead they both died. :P
Oh well.

what the fuck

that was the greatest deathmatch ive ever seen. but what the hell. randy should have kicked that pussies ass.what the hell happened.overall a great movie!!


Sorry man, didnt like it. seemed to be a lame celebrity deathmatch parody that was no good, to bad mack


the second one was more funny but it was done very well.