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Reviews for "NG Deathmatch 1(2/2)"


i love how you had synj dizzy just like the mk games, that had me laughing hard...

WOW Knox....

Man Knox, I've been a fan of yours ever since you first released Original Death on sfdt.com (believe it or not). Now look at you. You've certainly made a name for yourself. Congrats on all the success you've gotten. The NG Deathmatch is certainly your best work yet and is going straight to my favs. Can't wait to see the next episode as well as the other projects your working on. I gave them both of 5 :D. By the way, What ever happened to Original Death haha. Keep it up. ROCK ON!!!!

Not bad, they both die just as I expected

I would like to throw a few pointers here.
If you want it to be a lot like MTV celebrity deathmatch, you should have comentators just like Celebrity deathmatch's Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond. Except maybe you yourself and a friend can play their roles.

Anyways, I liked it a lot. A great idea. It's funny how at the end you made it how Strawberry Clock stole the show, since he did steal movies and spam NG back in the day. A lot of video game elements were pretty funny too.
The downside I gave sound a 3 because Synj's voice and screaming was just nerve racking.
I knew that they would both die. Im just glad that Synj did not win.

great job

The best death match flash ever...EVER. CANT WAIT FOR MORE!!!!!!!!!!

I'm happy with the ending.

I liked the ending, at least Synj didn't win. Same good stuff with the first, but this time there's more... satisfaction... I don't know the word. This has your typical random Knox ending, so don't expect a thrilling fast-paced conclussion. See my last review of the first one if you want to know more, not much can be said about this one since it's just the second part. Some of the voices were a bit hard to understand, but oh well. I look foreward to the next Newgrounds Deathmatch! I hope Foamy dies horribly!