Reviews for "lost in mood"

Shawty I will give you a ten--

This has a very nice melody to it.
Lost in mood? Perhaps.
Fits my mood? Yes..yes it does : ) .

That was amazing

I really liked it. It was great. And I was looking for a piece of music for this video collage to show my mom for her birthday, and this really fits. i hope you don't mind if I use it? :)

a-rest responds:

sorry, i´m late, of course you can.
greetings to your mom.


This melody...brings back memories of my past and the title 'Lost In Mood' certainly says it all. I love it though. Great melody :)


the simplicity makes it standout.
very creative.
nothing else..


so peaceful... just peaceful

nice slow calming song.
just not very good for when i am blasting bad guys on a fast pase game.
besides that this song is bliss