Reviews for "lost in mood"

well done

nicely executed, makes me think of someone being drawn away to a pleasant fantasy while thumbing through a book, or a tired father returning, and peeks in to see his wife and daughter playing happily, hopefully awaiting his return. Definitely gives you a feeling of serenity. Could've done without the static though; unless that's what you're going for? Like an elderly man listening to an old record, reminiscing on old times? I'm just taking up space now, lol, but good job none the less.


I could get lost in my mind listening to this,not my mood! :P Great song,keep up the good work!


I actually like the noise, it adds to the feel of it for me.

Good stuff.


If I ignore the crackles and white noise, it's actually a very calm and soothing song. The beginning does sound familiar, but the rest of it sounds very nice. It is a little short, yes, but sometimes that's a good thing. All in all, I like the song!


a-rest responds:

i agree, there are some crackles and white noises as you say,
they were all on one track and that was the guitar (means, was importatnt)
and i could not manage to get it out. but i will try.
thanks for your vote