Reviews for "RMX - Faron Woods"

sup Krizy ;)

This track is a good track, the random noizes and sudden starting of beat douring the start and 10 seconds of the first minute were... *foot stomping* beat beat beat bbbbb eat!!! Sorry, this is just awesome. Faved. ;) (sorry I was late TT)

Krizy responds:

YAY KIERAN thankies :3

Very nice;D

I liked this song, man! Very good:D Make more of this shit!

Krizy responds:

Hey man, thanks!! ;D


Great song, good that someone from norway make good music too :)

Krizy responds:

Hey hey, tusen takk :D


OMG! I never write like that, i just want to scream with how cool this song is! its soo energitic and it makes me fall in love with the game agai (but i was already in love so does that mean i'm two timing with the same game? *shrug*)
But still, its really awesome!
Keep up the great work!

Krizy responds:

WOW dude, seriously, I don't know what to respond..!!
All I can say is thank you very much! :DDDD


I didnt think it could be done, now that Ive heard it. You are my hero.

Krizy responds:

Thanks, it's an honour :D