Reviews for "The Alberta Dino Rush"

That is...

...the most I've ever learned on this website. I thought that was really interesting. I guess maybe I'm just a geek, but I hope you got an A on your project. Good job!

Tlaxcatl responds:

AAAACK TEH LURNINGZ!!!! or something...

Love the music

Love the music... where you get it?

Other than that the flash aint bad and i really like your drawing skills (except for the men uggggh) Not bad.. practice makes perfect

Those poor poor...

...Plates! Good job, nice smooth movement, and I actually learned something... I stupid!

Tlaxcatl responds:

dont worry, they had stunt plates.


Your animation was pretty good. It's just all the text that sort of brought it down. The music was amusing, though.

Tlaxcatl responds:

thanks, I only used so much text as it was a school project, but i'll make sure to tone it down in the future. glad you liked some of it.


i liked it it was origannal but funny

Tlaxcatl responds:

thanks, glad you liked it. :)