Reviews for "The Alberta Dino Rush"

I really didn't think this was so bad

I actually thought this was great. Especially for a class project. Good job. I like the looks of your characters too.

hehehehheh, catchy song, lol

cant get dat song outta my head, first its Banana Phone, then its Hey Ya! now its some bum bumm ba da bumm. lol, good work

Tlaxcatl responds:

thank you for taking the time to review :)


I've got to hand it to you, that was probably one of the best organized movie i've ever seen. Even though you had to read and it was that weird ass music (which was great by the way)it wasn't so bad to read it because of the music. It was a very classy, I guess you could call it, presentation.

Plus, the music at the end made it feel like I was freaking falling off a cliff, very intelligent choice.

Tlaxcatl responds:

"the music at the end made it feel like I was freaking falling off a cliff"

you did fall off a cliff. the power of my n00bish flash skills pushed you.

I don't pay attention in school

Why would you make this? I come back from school, check the portal, and get taught even friggin MORE!

Tlaxcatl responds:

haha, you learned something.

whoa! cool!

is that a TRUE story? sure does sound like it... well, i definately learned alot about that dinosaur during THAT cool movie! that was really well made dude...
it had pretty good graphics, with a really catchy background song in there aswell!! haha, i never got bored of that!
also, it had alot of good info on the dinosaur, how it was discovered, and what the results of its finding was!! really excellent work there dude, well done
overall score: 7-7.5/10

Tlaxcatl responds:

thank you, glad you liked it.

PS: yes it is a true story, you can check out the sites listed in the credits for more info.