Reviews for "Want porno???"

Well i like porno but...

Is there actually a way to see this?I want to see it.


Even though I wont get any porno I will still vote 5! Thank you my King for trickking a bunch of horny Dumbasses!

Omg 1337 h4xz0rz!!!!shift11111oneoneone

I worship you, mighty strawberry clock!


You're making a porno movie, eh? That's very nice of you Strawberry Clock. I voted 5 just for you and to see that movie of yours. Oh, when are you going to finish your movie? XD It's been a long time now, LOL. Nah, I know this flash is a joke.



As always. Makes me wonder why you are king of the portal. But i find the random crap funny, so 10! Im voting 5 as well.