Reviews for "Want porno???"

We never did get that porno.

No Strawberry on Rupee action or anything. Although I think that's like the art message this thing gives out. The letters are a symbol of our stupid society and shit like that.

Nice work though for it's time

See this masterpiece.

Is already a porno.

The porno is nigh!

Donald Duck Porno is what you've been waiting to see, doctormorgus. Honestly, it really hasn't fulfilled my expectations. It's barely even porn! That's why I'm giving this a 1: because keeping people in suspense and then lying to them isn't very nice. Then again, a lot of politicians out there are corrupt, and Strawberry Clock claims to be the King of the Portal. Go ahead, people, tell me I have no idea what I'm talking about. The truth cannot be denied.

where's my p0rn?

i voted 5 see?? i've been waiting 11 years..now where's the porn?? (dang takes you 11 years to make a porno?? wow)

Don't need porn.

I can just jack off to this masterpiece.