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Reviews for "Super Generic Quiz Game"


this game was excellent. it must have taken you (all of you) ages to make. great work. cool!


The only thing I can complain about is the fact that after I get to the 5,000 dollar mark, the game dies. I tried hitting keys, tried clicking, tried waiting, and tried right-clicking and hitting play.. it works the first time, but then automatically goes to the 10,000 dollar question, says you answered incorrectly, and you have to start over. Dont know what the problem is exactly, but figured I would mention it, even though it seems I am the only one with this problem

pacdude responds:

That's happening way too much, and you're not alone. However, I can't recreate that error for the life of me. I don't know what's up.


This quiz game is sheer brilliance. It resembles Who Want To Be A Millionare closely. I expect my $10,000,000 to arrive shortly.

Very Nice

Original,Functional,Not distorted soundwise...

I loved it


I like how someone finally made a quiz were you can't just keep doing it over and over again until you win, you get different questions. And not to mention, millionaire was coming anyways. A little fast when switching questions, but no biggy

pacdude responds:

Just trying to keep the pacing up.