Reviews for "Oddgods-0"


that was some complete hotness. beautiful job on the animation. i hope there is a part two to this

Really brilliant

How smart was that??? I really enjoyed it, i loved the whole sleepin on the water thing it was good. excellent animation, This has a low score at the moment! i dont know why! this is amazing. The only problem i had was the sound, that dropping sound really bugged me, i hope 2 see more from you. keep up the good work. Chris

Very strange......

I liked it though. Graphics were simple yet well done. There wasn't much sound but the sound I did here was okay. If this is your first flash it was very well done.


You, my good sir, are an amazing animator. It was quite interesting and I hope you continue this "series." Great job.

I liked it

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But it appears no one else did. :(

Still nice to see some originallity here at NG.