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Reviews for "Grind It (Metal)"


Fuckn great!

4.55 / 5.00 (+ 0.011)


INTENSE!!!! I would have put in the "My ears are bleeding a little" rating off to the side but it's only at 1... BLEEDING EARS ARE AWESOME!!! I gave it a 5 kuz im cool like that and it sounds awesome. Nice work.


Truly awesome, its great. and 1 week? even better.
5'd it
4.55/5.00 (+0.0084)

FarCryDX responds:

Thanks bro. high five!


my god, this is great. thats all there is to say.

4.55 / 5.00 (+ 0.0051)

FarCryDX responds:

Thanks man. Much love.

Nice : )

That was nice, I see that you have improved your way to mix a lot. There is less compression on the drums that there used to be. Same thing with the guitar. Now, it sounds really really nice. The drums were excellent, nice guitar tone and riffs also. The drums sounds like Addictive Drums ... are you using it ? The clean part was great, relaxing and smooth. Congrats man, you did a nice job with it \m/ Fived : 4.52 / 5.00 (+ 0.024)

Ps : 1 week to make this ? You are quick o.O ; ). I average 3 weeks of work to make a completed song lol.

FarCryDX responds:

Actually making it took about 4 hours, haha. Getting that mix took a week.

..Damnit. :P Thanks bro.