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Reviews for "Beeku's Big Adventure Ch1"

usual kickass standard

This was good fun to play but the 'You suck' got annoying. As per usual your aniamtion style was pretty flawless my only complaint is be careful where you go with your style. Almost every decent flash animator I've seen seems to go down a 'Ren & Stimpy' style road which let's just say is an aquired taste. This would really limit your target audience down apart from you existing fan base of course ^_^

arrogancy responds:

There's a way to avoid the "you suck," you know :)

Absolutely Overall 10

This game is awesome, i cant wait for Chapter 2! This is one of the best games on newgrounds!

If your stoned, play this.

The music wasn't so bad either. Beat it in around 10 minutes.

Those faces

Cool game,when is chapter 2 coming?

arrogancy responds:

Probably when I have another good smoke.


This game KICKS ASS!!! I wish all NG games were this good! Awesome graphics, music, and overall GAME! I love this thing, there's not too many enemies at once, its challenging but not impossible, pretty original (never played a game where enemies explode on death), good powerups, and a game that makes you want to keep playing it. Keep up the good work!