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Reviews for "Beeku's Big Adventure Ch1"

i guess thats ok...

nice job on the controls they are flawless. i didnt like it so much because im not into these types of games but i still agree u did a nice job . maybe this sint ur best , but i cant say that because i have never viewed any of ur past works. i will do so in the futur

nevernamed not insane..

I liked the style,

and the graphics. The game was not so original i am afraid! keep it up!

Holy crap i dont suck lol

good graphics good sound good everything lol it kicked bug ass make the next one soon


nice graphics, good gameplay, good old side scroller :D

yo summi your not allowed to put links to your OUTwar accoun you dumbass


W00t that was great,I say. I played for whole hour! It was kinda slow but thats only because of MY crappy-shitty-slower-than-a-snail PC. There was too much enemies in some places,though. But it was great anyway!