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Reviews for "Beeku's Big Adventure Ch1"


Great game when will the next be coming?


Reminds me very much of that dirt level of Earth Worm Jim. A very good thing to, because Earthworm Jim was a Great game. The boss was a little easy though, as there was a spot you could stand at to jump and shot him without falling or having the little enemies attack you. Even with this one flaw, it was still a great game.

awesome, well done

i wish i could program in actionscript...

at any rate, very well done, highly ammusing. at first it seemed to be excessively difficult, but it wasn't long before it became apparent that the game gives at least enough health and powerups to keep you alive, although i will say that those little mini-boss-bug guys took an unnecessarily long time to kill.
all in all i'm very impressed, keep it comin'.


Dude this game is like fast paced but with resting places i case u have to like eat, great concept, can't wait for the next one

Not a bad game, not the best but over all not bad.

Meh iv seen better, seen worse. i give it an 8