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Reviews for "Beeku's Big Adventure Ch1"


Who made this music it sounds like I'm playing an old retro arcade game


Didn't like it...
-too hard
-music was crap
-didn't know what was going on!!

its fun

but the enemies exploding licked balls..
eh maybe i just suck at it..\
oh yeah the music is super lame too


I don't know what some of you are talking about. I could jump, aim, and collect powerups just fine. This was a fun game. Chalenging but not as hard as some of these guys claim. They must not be good at it it but it's not the game's fault. I had no problem beating it. I love the story too. Where can I get MY own Beeku? Heh.

Good game

It would be easyer to play if you could aim better and a few extra weapons as well, other than that it was great!