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Reviews for "Beeku's Big Adventure Ch1"

Well it sure does have potential!

Hmmm...though it might look like a generic platformer shoot em up similar to Contra this was pretty fun. Controls are okay Powerups are a little unfair though how they pop up in the air and you have to know exactly where to catch them but the backgrounds are colorful and the music kicks ass. Brings me back to '04 ahhh the nostalgia (which of course was the release date)

That said nice job you two!


its nice wrong

Beeku's Big Adventure Ch1

Okay Beeku lets get this over with. a human named Arrogancy found a girl named Angela and left to go pick her up. he told his little greenish blue friend Beeku to clean up. so he did and shrunk himself so he could go into a cabinet and kill bugs. Beeku has some tiny minigun shoots bullets really fast. anyways. gameplay? you cant run and shoot which kinda ruins everything. and makes the gameplay crap. unfortuantly. this game is kind of crap. i woudent really recomend it. so. 2/10 1/5.

Just great music

It's rare a music background like this in flash games, though it would been nice to have some kind of "power up" stuff (a skill for move while shoting would be great), or just a checkpoint after the mini-boss.
Hope to be usefull and sorry for bad english.


Fuck This Game