Reviews for "Tutorial - Flash Basics"

thanks a lot!

now i finally know how 2 use Flash. LOL

Patchco responds:

Heh, glad I could help.

good idea

I may not be a very good flash artist yet, but i knew these basics, among others... but im sure there are some people who are completely out there... lol, gave it a desant score to maby keep it up and help some n00bs

Patchco responds:


Not Bad...

Pretty good general overview of flash - but next time close MSN before taking the screen shots :D

Patchco responds:

Thanks. haha I know, i thought no one would notice.... heh


Why does everyone keep making tutorials? There is a help section in the flash program. So stop making them!!!!

God damn it!

I am tired of all the n00b tut. No one could possibly know so little.

Patchco responds:

pfft. You'd be surprised!