Reviews for "Tutorial - Flash Basics"


Nice, I think you should maybe build your own website on how to use flash mx or whateve. Because people wont find this flash very entertaining.

Patchco responds:

good idea. and thanks for the rating.

Good tutorial ! ! !

But I didn´t liked the "you want to..." parts.
It would help me a lot If I wouldn´t knew that!
Keep up the good work!

Patchco responds:

Thanks, glad it could help.

Thanks alot!

I've taken too many tutorials! This was great. A few pointers:

1)Gimme some script!
2)Show how to make a button!

Otherwise that helped a little.

thank you

I need this,and this is a really good tut...a couple of questions though....PLAESE ANSWER!!!!!

What is the best Flash Program to get?
where can I get it?
how much is it?
I see alot of people saying that they drew some pics with their pencil...how do they do that?
and where do you get sounds for your flash (ex.:gunshots,someone screaming ect.)
aaaand How do you add your voice to the flash?

I hope you answer these cause I'd be able to make a decent flash (hopefully)
and if you don't respond....anyone who sees this and knows,can you help out?

Patchco responds:

First of all, im glad this helped you. And for you're questions:
- Best flash program is Flash MX Professional 2004. But you might aswell go with Flash MX, works fine, and is more affordable
- I get most of my sounds from www.a1freesoundeffects.com
- You can get your voice on there, by recording it, saving it, than Importing it into your flash library.



i dont know if you have noticed or not but the help section for flash doesnt really help at all! i like the tutorials..so KEEP making them