Reviews for "Tutorial - Flash Basics"


nice job that was pritty good that would have helped me a lot a long ime ago gj!!

Patchco responds:

Thanks ;)


i found this tutorial to be quite helpful, and i thank you for submitting it. one problem though is the song, pic a different less repetative one.

Patchco responds:

You are very welcome. I know.. The song was the last thing I chose. heh.

very helpful

this flash helped me alot cus i am noob in flash =D but now the only thing i gotta know is *shame* how to make buttons ........

It has helped me

the part i want to know is where you get that program

Good tutorial ! ! !

But I didn´t liked the "you want to..." parts.
It would help me a lot If I wouldn´t knew that!
Keep up the good work!

Patchco responds:

Thanks, glad it could help.