Reviews for "Tutorial - Flash Basics"


Now i know where to go if i ever try out flash!

Patchco responds:



That was one of the greatest Flash Tutorials I've seen,but for some reason I don't have properties on my Flash and so I can't add music.:( I even have the same flash!

Patchco responds:

Thanks. well, first of all, you want to go to the toolbar...select "Window", than select "Properties" and it should show up.

Very informative!!

I needed this. It is GREAT!

Patchco responds:

Thanks, glad it could help.

Very good

As you can see this is in my favorite flash section of my profile, I am a starter at flash and you can say this is myguideline, very good.

Very useful...

I gave this submission a 5 because it may help some newbies in getting around with Flash MX 2004. Also teaches you how to do some crazy stuff.. great submission but the graphics were kinda bad...but still good work. Thanks again.

Patchco responds:

Thank you very much. And I'm sure the n00bs appretiate you're generosity! haha.