Reviews for "Tutorial - Flash Basics"


i dont know if you have noticed or not but the help section for flash doesnt really help at all! i like the tutorials..so KEEP making them


Why does everyone keep making tutorials? There is a help section in the flash program. So stop making them!!!!


nice job that was pritty good that would have helped me a lot a long ime ago gj!!

Patchco responds:

Thanks ;)

Very useful...

I gave this submission a 5 because it may help some newbies in getting around with Flash MX 2004. Also teaches you how to do some crazy stuff.. great submission but the graphics were kinda bad...but still good work. Thanks again.

Patchco responds:

Thank you very much. And I'm sure the n00bs appretiate you're generosity! haha.


Nice, I think you should maybe build your own website on how to use flash mx or whateve. Because people wont find this flash very entertaining.

Patchco responds:

good idea. and thanks for the rating.