Reviews for "Castle Crashers Ad"

ow yea

I love it it rocks


Awesome stuff! Do you use the 12WX or the 21UX Cintiq? I'm hopefully getting a 12WX soon. I hear they are amazing to work with!


Its really good but a lot of these drawings were in the game did you draw this or just assemble it?

love it

I really like it a lot, the only thing that is extremely distracting is that the grey castlecrashers and the guys with axes (above the frog thing) aren't as detailed as the other drawings, or shaded. Doesn't really fit into the picture in my opinion.
Besides that, great work, nice use of colors as well.

Clash of the Crash

Haha a wonderful collage for that fantastic game, got all sorts of characters and scenes from the game, neatly wrapped up into one great banner. Was this an ad for Giant Robot? Gotta love those Cintiqs.. seems like you pretty much got the hang of it in a hurry for this being your first piece to make with it ;P Nice colors and composition.

The fullsize image is too tall for the art portal though, the satin overlay gets cut off and the image extends out of the bottom of it, hitting the bottom of the browser instead of having space behind it. But I'm using Chrome, could be the problem.

Oh and the red pitchfork guy is pretty awesome, he's got a fantastic expression, and I love that the lighting is coming off of him onto the ram above :3

JohnnyUtah responds:

thanks big blue