Reviews for "Castle Crashers Ad"

CC Rocks Nice Ad!

Dude, this is a very great art piece and I'm glad to have come across it! It mostly works so well because it shows just what you can do with all these colors. The Castle Crushers series wasn't that well known for good graphics, but you have shown us some great designs! Not only do I see characters representing most of the primary colors, but also also creatures that bear them. I didn't know there was so much to this game. Well, if a game's big enough like Mario or Pokemon, there will be lots of characters, obviously.

I guess the one eyed knight is supposed to be the purple one. The orange one, I guess, is that devil in the lower left hand corner. Everything just looks so wonderfully flashy in this. It's like a classic Drew Struzan poster, only longer. It makes you realize how big their foreheads are. I hope to play this someday.


i love the art its just so eye catching
ive been recently playing this on ps3
love it so much!

A Great Caslte Crashers Piece

Great work on this one (and it's the piece that made me realise you did the character profile pictures and not Dan Paladin). Most of all, I love that the Blacksmith made it in (he's my favourite--wish he was playable), and the Red Dragon Knight came out fantastic.


this is aweseome work but i think the line art is quickly made