Reviews for "USS Enterprise Two"

what ever

the story was kinda shity but the clay man were f*@!¤#~ cool keep up the good work but next time try to make a beter story

this is the worst i´ve ever seen!!!

the graphics were pretty good and the sound to.
But the rest sucked hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

original but odd

It was kind of wierd and I couldn't see that happening in the show but it was funny at times. Just a little bit too odd at times. The crew are all angry. Didn't especially like the style but it was an average movie. I liked some of your earlier stuff though. Average job here...

its good but...

dude, you had porn, do u know how much under 15 yr olds watch flash animations? 100s and ur just sick minded if u want to look at porn do it urself dont show the whole world ur such a perv.

It might just be me....

I think this game rules, but im abit stuck and i cant actually find a walkthrough. Im at the bit when Geordie leaves you and is letting ou learn by yourself. I dont understand what to do with the cd(except putting it in the drive). If you could kindly let me know id be very grateful,