Reviews for "USS Enterprise Two"


sorry, don't have something to say about this.

good but boring

I wouldn't even read the choices cuz i died so much but i did get to kick mjs ass! When you make a 3rd one let us hav sex with Riker's girl!

this is crap but funny when u blow up the ship

give this a try but it evil

it is ok

sum codes are
912 riker
069 geordi
124 picard
666 wesley
111 crusher
777 worf
troib6j9 troi
000 data

the secrets codes are 912 069 666 124


Game was ok, fine for it's time I suppose that's all that needs to be said, as for the "dustin_mcvay" have a sense of fucking humour, this game is supposed to be somewhat comedic, lighten up