Reviews for "USS Enterprise Two"

Much better

This game is so better than the first one of the trilogy and I hope there is a third one


I really hate how a slip up is a fail. There is to much in this game just to fail and have to start all over again. :/
But great game though.

many qwestions

like how can u combine stuff wit duh rock? please respond! the game wuz really fun! but i think it is to short could u pm me with hints or secrets? that would be super awsome but anyway the game was really awsome but what is laforges accsess code? so many qestions have I!


I nearly pissed my self (Really) when i put on troi's Panties!!!! OMFG!!! this game is hilarious,Ive been playing it for as long as i can remember and i never get tired of it!!!! EXCELLENCE!!


I've played this for 2 seconds and I cant stop choking on my own laugh! lmao