Reviews for "USS Enterprise Two"

Yea, this really was some good stuff

I agree with Dinotron1, it's good and you're a perv =P. I like your stuff, so keep up the good work, or I'll trak you down like the dog you are!

Funny SHit

You sick Trekkie Perv

Better set your phasers to BLAMMED!!!

No seriously, even though I hate Star Trek, I found this game to be ok. Nice job.

Very good

I haven't written a review in a long time now, but I feel this movie deserves one.

Graphically, it was very impressive. I think that is where the standard should be maintained rather than improved upon - same goes for the sound. I guess the sound could always be made a little clearer with most games, but it's totally fine as it is.
The humor in there is absolutly great too - I actually laughed at a lot during this game which is always a good thing as it kept me playing... not like there was a lack of action or entertainment though :)

Great game, one of the best I've played in a while.

Not Bad!I liked it!

It was pretty cool.It had all the things to make you laugh.Sex,cusing,nude,a fucked up riker,micheal jackson(actually not really)and beating the crap out of people!

You should make another,and another and another(you get it)and another(times 10)...im just saying i was good and make another.I get carried away sometimes :)