Reviews for "USS Enterprise Two"

Damn. I remember playing this game around 10 years ago! Came back to give it one more go. You truly created something that stuck with me for a while. Great job bro.

my only problem with the game is it includes that little turd Wesley the only downside to a great show....except for when they added Guinan - great game ....too many games are too easy.

Not too bad, and much more expansive that the previous installment. Someone should write up an updated guide.

The man in blue who says he can tell you what you can do with your items... When holding a crystal, phaser, and microchip, The "Continue talking" button doesn't seem to be clickable, so the encounter leads to a frustrating death.

Amazing. There needs to be medals for this, though.

JeremyLokken responds:

Came out before the medals, I don't know how to do them!