Reviews for "USS Enterprise Two"

Very good, just as the first one

And you still seem to hate Riker, oh well, only few like him, I don't either.
I liked the scene with the crew's quarters a lot, you had the chance to move around more freely, which wasn't the case in the prequel.
Best thing about it was the twisted humour though, simply hilarious, that's why it deserves a 10.

JeremyLokken responds:

I really liked that part of the game too. I wanted more though, but it just took way too long. Get this, there are some different scenarios with the officers based on what you did before with Data's disc, or not getting the disc! Get worf's knife, visit Data's cat, and get to use the knife. Then use the knife on Riker, lots of options.

very funny

i love games like this, very good. this should keep me busy for a while


that wasa better than the first how do you get the codes for the secrets

JeremyLokken responds:

Geordi's code, Riker's code, the Captain's code, and I other one. 4 codes. I think "troi" also works, but don't quote me on that.


When I was accessing the computer I did what I'd do in real life and pounded on the keyboard! Great game! I'm going to try again!


great flash! also, youve made a shit load!