Reviews for "USS Enterprise Two"


Excelent work, the whole detail and all the secrets are great. (especial #1 :p)
Really nice style too, i love the "freeform" do anything kinda play.

You should expand that.
Purhapes you could do some automatic record of numbers or an inventory system for the next one.

JeremyLokken responds:

I expanded into making it freeform style. I liked that, especially with the officer's quarters. I was thinking about an inventory system when making this one, but it got too complex for my little programming brain to handle :)

;( Wow. I've never given straight 10's before.

Why can't there be an overall score higher then 10?!

>:( Barclay's appearance alone deserves a 20. That character is so freaken' great. The way he's alway's picked on by the other officers just becuase he's not overconfident like they are. He's the Anti-Wesley.

In many ways the character you play in this game is simmiliar to him in that they both want Troi and Riker hates them. God! No wonder Jeremy's inspiration to this series was High school of the Apes. Maybe it was subliminal but life aboard TNG enterprize is a lot like High school.

I would of prefered the abbility to perform even greater violence towards Wesley then poking and smothering as he's about a million times more irritating then Riker. I should be able to get away with murdering him as well without losing. Unless maybe there is a way and I haven't figured it out yet. :)

I didn't get that statement ALF made about the Cadet not understanding Wesley's religion. Was it poking fun at Will Weaton maybe?? I don't know anything about him exept his webpage sucks.


Ahh though I still can't do everything in the game just yet. Can't get that drunken Obrien's codes to the Transporter. I'm bound to figure something out after the millionth try however. >:) Engage.

PS: I love Q!

JeremyLokken responds:

Thanks for the lengthy review! The only code that works is "research" and I wanted to make more, but never did. You will get to meet an interesting familiar character in the research station. The religion part was just a poke at how Wesley might be a religious freak, mouthing off to anyone that abuses it. Barclay's appearance was brought on with Shawn from godfart.com. He wanted him in there, and we developed a way around it. Barclay is a cool character on the show!

Well Done!

This game was great,I would never get bored playing this game..Are you planning on releasing any more?

BTW-I dropped a 5 on this.

JeremyLokken responds:

I don't plan on releasing anything this difficult in the future. I do plan on releasing Data's 3rd emotion, and maybe a simple 3rd choose your own adventure not related to the story of the Cadet. Thanks for the review!


nice job, i really enjoyed the first one and the datas emotion skits. keep it up man. and this is for the person who reviewed saying it was an insult, fuck off bitch.

to the guy who review b4 me