Reviews for "USS Enterprise Two"

A fun game

Wow thease are awsome, i love thease they are damn good, and awsome detail with great art talents, but besides that all your work is very awsome always should get a 10, its just that good, anyways nice work again it was a pleasure to review this fun game here

no major changes it was a fun game


Nice game, good animations and old-school vibes.

The only bug I noticed was there was no code for the engineering room and if you won all 3 of the holodeck scenarios the Jefferies Tubes were blocked off, preventing the game from going any further fowards.

It was a fun game mostly apart from some silly humor occasionally.

I questioned Geordi about Data not loving him; got thrown headfirst into the reactor.
Good times.

I was afraid all of your "Star Trek" stuff had been removed from the website. Seriously, I see tons of stuff lost now! I'm glad this is at least here. I really like your drawings. It's so nice to hear those sound bites too. You could consider me a "Star Trek" fan.

I've seen most of the movies based on this specific show at least. It's a fairly complicated game. We all need that. Thanks for the hints too. I wasn't expecting Alf in this.

I love these kinds of games. I wonder why youre inactive tho.

JeremyLokken responds:

I'm working on other flash animation/game stuff these days, just not submitting as much. Thanks for the reviews!