Reviews for "-__--__--_numa numa _--__--__-"

Numa numa YAY!

Yummy song! Keep it up :D

Alexman159 responds:


hee hee

this is perfect keep it up{*;*}

Alexman159 responds:


Dragostea Din Tei

is the title of the song.

Numa Numa is just the secondary title.

Alexman159 responds:

I wouldn't even call it a secondary title. It's just one word that is easily remembered from the song. I already knew the real name but thank you anyway.

:D :D

Maya HEE! XD

Alexman159 responds:

maiya hoo

Awesome twist!

Better than all the usual ones where they just spam-post it and Dibbity-Dan doesn't really know what he's talking about...it isn't about originality because you remixed it AND you never claimed that you wrote it! "My techno version of the song remixed." You never NEVER said that you owned it! So shame on him :(

Alexman159 responds:

Its a cover and yea i know its not supposed to be original/ thanks