Reviews for "-__--__--_numa numa _--__--__-"

awsome techno !!!

you got to do avgn ( angry video game nerd) theme song it AWSOME!!!!

Alexman159 responds:

I've already been working on that. It's my most requested song. (winning over mike tyson's punchout 3 votes to 2)

Which reminds me, Please request songs people not enough people are doing it that i can figure out what a majority wants.


i am loving this remix and imma download it cuz its awzome! more awzome than awsome crossing

Alexman159 responds:



Smooth MIX like the beat parts!!! Cool !! PWNAGE!!!!

Alexman159 responds:

thank you


Great song but misses some originality. And btw guys, the real title of this song is Dragostea din tei

Alexman159 responds:

i was gonna name it that but then less people would have clicked it since not everyone knows the real name.


I am sorry, but even a midi sounds better than this. (if this isn't one)

Try mastering it.
The lead is realy too loud. If it would have a nice sound, okay, but, nah.


Alexman159 responds:

thankyou. This sounds like crap and you actually gave it a good review. People like the real song and instantly give it 5