Reviews for "-__--__--_numa numa _--__--__-"

Very good.

This is severely under appreciated.

I thought it was great :D
Nice job mate.

Alexman159 responds:

its over appreciated. its shit

how funny.

numa numa nay, num numa nay, numa numa numa nay

Alexman159 responds:

numa numa nay? it's more like numa numa yay


Never heard a numa numa remix (im pretty sure there are lots, but just this is the first one i've heard). Give you a 9 cuz the leading synth is just a bit loud, but no biggie. Great job. 9/10 5/5!

Alexman159 responds:

there are lots of these remixes


Funny and nice.

Alexman159 responds:

nice and funny


Nice song! It is a little fast, but I guess the remix was kinda cool. Good remix!

Alexman159 responds:

its is fast