Reviews for "-__--__--_numa numa _--__--__-"

Numa Numa on speed :D

I really liked this, awesome job! Only thing you should change would be the volume of the lead synth, its kinda loud in some parts in my opinion. Overall, great job, and keep it up!

Alexman159 responds:

drugs are bad

need some work ...

...but in overall its good,
I wouldn't add it to a game.

Alexman159 responds:

neither would i


it is realy good and i enjoyed it alot but the only problem is its sounds too much like a polyphonic ringtone if you changed some of the instrument sounds and made them sound a bit more... serious, i think it could be bette.

Alexman159 responds:

yea i get alot of ringtone comments


it's a really catchy song. for some reason when I listen this a picture it as the battle theme for fighting the numa numa guy in an RPG or something

Alexman159 responds:

eh i cant see that

Numa numa YAY!

Yummy song! Keep it up :D

Alexman159 responds: