Reviews for "-__--__--_numa numa _--__--__-"


Do you mind if I use this song for a video on youtube?I'll give you credit =)?

Alexman159 responds:

sure i mean no. no i dont mind. uhm
yes use it

hee hee

this is perfect keep it up{*;*}

Alexman159 responds:


Cute :3

I thought it was a pretty cute remix to the numa numa
even if it is a little ringtoney (made up own word)
but yeah i liked it otherwise

Alexman159 responds:


Ring Tone.

This is perfect as a ringtone.

Alexman159 responds:

ive heard that

Oh god.

Ok, well, you got the song down, but the background was too generic, and the SLAYER WAS KILLING MY EARS. Don't use it. Ever. Get Nexus or Z3ta or ANYTHING but slayer.

Otherwise ok, you got the notes down right.

Alexman159 responds:

i didn't use slayer at all.