Reviews for "-__--__--_numa numa _--__--__-"

Fuck yeah :P

this is the best techno mix of Numa numa ive ever heard even better then the original numa numa :P

im so downloading it (and mayby using it[if its ok with you :P]
but not on newgrounds lol :P
still wud give you credits :-)

Alexman159 responds:

eh its not better/ and yea its ok if u download and use

Hardwork was put into this replica.

I gave this a four but my friend is trying to sleep behind me and he thinks this is the most retarded thing that has crossed his ears. "Shooooooooooooot." Sorry, he's a homosexual.

Alexman159 responds:

very little work was put into it. also this is the second review ive seen by a person who has a homosexual friend and who felt the need to share that information. whats going on..

Numa Numa YAY!

Surprisingly i thought it being midi would sound gay but it actually sounded pretty good. The synth and the instruments were brilliant. The only problem is that some of the notes came in a bit late but thats ok. Brilliant Work. You get my 10

Alexman159 responds:




Alexman159 responds:

why did you even bother reviewing

um.... :/

i though it was ok, but very cliche-ish
like the short little song that you find on your cheap yamaha keyboard :/
try some new sounds, and mix it abit more please

listen to my new song! :D

Alexman159 responds:

thankyou for a real review