Reviews for "-__--__--_numa numa _--__--__-"

Not bad.

K. Not very gud

4.5 stars norm а Ñ'ак вÑе кÑEUÑfÑ'о Ñ...ей ÑEUÑfÑкий пÑEUÑ<кол

Alexman159 responds:

ok then


i'm using this when i'm looking at the stars.*sigh*it reminds me of my granddad...i miss him.he went dead when i was almost five.and my other lives far away and i see him very often.i hope someone understands how i feel...

Alexman159 responds:

im... sorry...


NUMA NUMA ORIGINAL<this remix, if you know what i mean.

-LL Member DopplerLock(doppler73 too)

Alexman159 responds:

none of this makes sense