Reviews for "Tig Ol' Bitties"


That is really well drawn! Nice work! ^^ Ray's hair looks like something from Dragonball! xD And the girl looks really smexy! :3

Miatriss responds:

Hey guy, thanx! =DDD Pretty glad you like it))

Doesn't deserve the time of day

I'm not going to divulge into the incredibly sad music produced by that band, or even the god awful animation.
I'm not even going to say how fucking stupid Ray William Johnson is, and how terrible his videos are, because you want to know something? This argument has been overdone and repeated so many times you can find it about anywhere, and a person that can;
A: Make up their own mind about themselves and the others around them
and B: Have an IQ over 100 can figure out what a piece of shit he actually is so, with that being said, have a nice day.
The art is alright but the subject is terrible, now you may think that this makes it okay right?
Well let me ask you this, if an incredible artist drew an orgy of dogs and chainsaws would you value it for the art? No, because that isn't the only thing that matters with art, you also need to take into account of what shit you are producing.

Miatriss responds:

Dude, if you have a problem, why pour your shit on me? xD

loved that video

OMG more like fake Ol' bitties at the end of the video hahaha :DD

Miatriss responds:

Me too =D Lol