Reviews for "Tig Ol' Bitties"


Looks awesome its a shame people like vandal2 think they can say that your art work is pointless yet they forget the fundamental fact that art is an expression of self and even a stick man is art because it is an expression.

Miatriss responds:

I guess with you, dude)
Anyway thank you x))

Nice artwork

Looks very cool. Be sure to check out my art :)

Keep it up!

Miatriss responds:

Thanx dude =D


Even though I'm not a fan of Yourfavoritemartian, this is a great picture.

Miatriss responds:

That's ok x) Thank you)

great painting

look like the person is more pretty
the girl look pretty

Miatriss responds:

Thank you))


u gotta like send that to him or something cuz thats just fucking awesome love me some tig ol bitties

Miatriss responds:

Sent already x) Thanx)