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Reviews for ".:=| PJ: Madness MAC8 Aug |=:."

This should Win.... so far any way

This is one of those epic trailer songs that just makes you sweat. I loved every aspect and your incorporation of string and choir. Whats your DAW and where did you get the samples. Well... You worked with what you had and it sounded brilliant. Good luck. (But I should at least get 2nd)

Draqo responds:

FL8 XXL + EastWest Colossus/Symphonic Orchestra/Symphonic Choirs/Stormdrum + synth bass soundfonts + 10 hours of work + 5 to fix and compile/render.


Thanks for the review. :D

I loved the original...

but this one just wasn't as good, I downloaded the mp3, so at least I have the original...

Draqo responds:

There's always remastering to the original down the line. :p

Thanks for the review. :D

A stupendous job. Great on the top 10 finish page.

This would be a totally great night time scene. A true madness work. I would kill anybody with this song. A true revenge work. Sounds like Dragon ballz and Gargoyles at the same time going rogue on their clans. Thanx for the memories.

The best

Awesome :DDD

like it XD