Reviews for "BackingTrackfromhell-Mj"


Pretty badass man, I'll be taking a crack at it at some point. The riff that comes in at about :40 reminded me a lot of a riff in Deliverance from Opeth.

JonSantiago responds:

Go for it I am excited to hear everyone's take.

Killer rip off of that song we wrote,haha

sounds great. i'm ready to collab online

JonSantiago responds:

Youre a rip off.

god lord

i'm my god, i'm in total awe in your magnitude of fucking rock. EERRG! i want to possessed your powers!

Backing Track?

Jon, don't make me laugh. This is a stand alone song, not a "backing track". You shred machine bastard you! ;)

Damn...I should pick up my guitar just to fail on this. :(

4.35 / 5.00 (+ 0.063)


Man that was tight. When I heard the phaser I was like HELL YEAH. What are you using to make your drums?